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Cleaning Solutions

The current situation globally has led to the greatest spike in demand for cleaning solutions in decades. Businesses, employees and consumers alike are fighting the battle against harmful agents in the bid to reduce the threat of infectious diseases. Areas of work will be checked rigorously to ensure governmental measures are adhered to. Having the crucial cleaning solutions can be one of the most actionable measures we can implement to significantly improve workplace safety. 

With this in mind, CMT have worked around the clock to ensure we have all the appropriate cleaning solutions for various different companies and professionals. 

Our product lines are capable of assisting large scale cleaning operations, whilst also providing valuable solutions to small/medium sized businesses, from everyday essentials like scouring pads to Ramsol sanitising disinfectant spray canisters we cater for all needs and will have the right product for the job at hand. 

We’re committed to improving safety wherever we can. We advise businesses take extra caution when doing regular cleaning checks to uphold the governmental standards.

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